Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hope to be back pretty soon!

Hi, I know I've been lost! I have been working on other projects I have online. Now I have the extra time to work on my dollies, who are begging me to create or finish them. You have been asking when I will have new dolls and when I will finish my black doll pattern.

After taking a needed break from my dollies! Needed some time to get back the feel and passion when I create my dollies so now I'm ready. I will start slowing as always and enjoying what I LOVE to do.

As I started checking my supplies and see that I have everything avail. I stumble with one supply that now I can't get here since they discontinue to supply it. Well, it's not much what I buy here. Its the Morning Glory Fiberfill from Walmart. This was my only source in Puerto Rico to purchase this and now I'm a little concern with this. I know I can get it oversea for which I already put a couple of orders for this but I also know that this will increase my dolls value. I also understand that Walmart discontinue it in the US and that there are lots of sad doll makers like me with this issue. This started a year back, but I didn't notice until now when I plan to start with my dolls. The fiberfill/polyfil is important for me and I use a lot of it. To bring this to Puerto Rico is a little expensive since the box is big and to make it more affordable it has to be shipped USPS to me. Also I loved Morning Glory fiberfill. There are others that I don't quite like. I will need to try the ones I ordered and see how it goes. As some of you know (those who has purchase my dolls) I firmly stuff my dolls, so I use more of it. This won't minimize the quality of my dolls, since I can't do them differently of what I do until now, so no need to worry.

At least I have two boxes saved from my last purchase a year back, so I have something to start with. :o)

Will keep you posted! :o)


  1. Hola Cintia, Si que habias estado "perdida en accion", ji,ji. un dia navegando en la red observe que eras de P.R. y me uni a tu blog. Estuve perdida tambien , y hoy veo que has vuelto a bloguear, asi que me alegro mucho por ti.Me encantan las muñecas y mas si son hechas a mano, las realizas preciosas, un saludo, Rose M.

  2. Hola Cynthia,que alegria saber que estas de vuelta,estare pendiente para adquirir el patrón de la muñeca negra cuando lo tengas disponible.